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Celebrating the Legacy of David Park

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Celebrating the Legacy of David Park will be a two-part exhibition honoring the spirit, influence and artistic legacy of painter David Park (1911-1960). Park, who returned to painting the human figure in an era when abstraction was dominant, was known for paintings that celebrate human dignity and decency. This exhibition is not intended to showcase paintings that simply resemble Park’s works, but rather to honor his legacy of artistic honesty, strong work ethic, and commitment to the figure.  This juried show is funded on behalf of the Sam Francis Foundation.

The works of two invited artists who have looked hard at Park and learned from his example—Jennifer Pochinski and Kyle Staver—will anchor the exhibition. Supporting their contributions will be a juried exhibition featuring between 20 and 25 additional artists.

Exhibition Organizers and Judges:

John Seed, Guest Curator/Juror
DeWitt Cheng, Juror
Dr. Andrea Pappas, Juror
Jessica Phillips, Juror

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